How does 13Points Tour work?

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What is Escape Tour?

Play, discover, travel

13PointsTour is a fun and exciting initiative to visit Bergamo, Lecco, Monza, Valsassina and their treasures.
Thanks to the map that will be given to you, you can discover the itinerary, solve the 13 quizzes and win the prize.


Look for clues


Orient yourself on the map


Follow the tracks


Uncover the city misteries


Find your way out


Win the prize!

What is it

  • A unique and fun initiative to enhance, promote and discover a destination in an unusual way
  • An experience suitable for everyone that involves, challenges and entertains, to be lived independently and without time limits
  • A puzzle game to be solved by interacting with the city and challenging yourself to win the final prize

What it is not

  • The usual guided tour of the city: it is an innovative and non-standard tourist initiative
  • An escape room: it is not a timed game and has no enigmas that bind you to live the experience
  • A treasure hunt: it is a journey in stages to discover a city

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