Who we are

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Who we are

Creators of the project

Born from the passion of three young women, Escape tour allows everyone to discover, in a funny way, territories we love most.
Bergamo, a city that made us meet and get to know: it has allowed us to promote, develop and enhance in a tourist and cultural key, realities that we believe have a tourism potential that is still partly unexplored.
We have chosen to create an interactive and engaging experience so that travelers are not mere spectators of the beauties they can enjoy, but actively interact with them.

Here, in a nutshell, who we are:


Marilena Cretti

  • Volcanic
  • Determined
  • Traveller
  • Dreamer

Veronica Milani

  • Businesswoman
  • Solar
  • Unusual
  • Creative

Marta Tampieri

  • Curious
  • Visionary
  • Passionate
  • Wander

How does it work

Solve all the riddles you face along the path